No More Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

Language is like a river. Men may come and men may go, but it goes on forever. During its course it keeps on eroding soil of words from different cultural and social backgrounds. The river carries eroded sediments long way to the far parts of the world and deposits the sediments making human civilization richer. Learning a language via the mother tongue method is one of the most practiced methods throughout the world. During the course of language learning, a learner has to undergo various challenges. One has to be grammatically correct and has to have a good hold over vocabulary. In addition to it, one’s fluency and accent both have to be up to the mark. Vocabulary- words,

their meanings and spellings play a crucial role in expressing the complete meaning effectively. Various learners describe it as a haunting experience to encounter a new word. They have to find its different meanings and memorize correct spellings. However the recent knowledge explosion offers various tricks to ensure correct spellings. Let’s go through one of the them. An effective way of dealing with a problem is to view the problem from different angles. In order to retain the spellings, one can try to memorize them spelling in parts. One just needs to be little innovative. However, this method may not prove to be very effective if one tries to memorize fifties of words in a single go. This method is good for continuous and lifelong practice. One should always be on toes and keep on hunting for new words. In order to maximize the benefits one can find words within a word to be sure of it. For example, there is a word Patrichor which means ‘A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.’ The word can be retained in memory with comparatively less effort if one keeps few words in mind ‘pet-rich-or’. The word Thantophobia seems scary. However it loses its scales and horns as soon as one breaks it as than-to-phobia. The spellings of alliteration create lots of confusion. Most popular wrong versions are aleteration, allitiration and many more. However the Panacea to break the tilsim is ‘all-it-era-tion’. The panacea to panacea is ‘pan-ace-a’. Same way Comfortably can be made comfortable to the students via this method ‘com-fort-ably’(point to remember is, it is .com

not come). Dwellings can be dwelt upon as ‘D-well-ings’. Acrimonious can be made a.c-rim-on-io-us.Probate can be viewed as ‘pro-bat-e’

One can also look for phrases in difficult words. Ethereal can be ‘E-the-real’. Bombinate can become ‘bomb-i-nate’. Serendipity can be ‘ser-end-i-pity’.

Very few but yes some words offer the rare opportunity. They contain the whole sentence in them. For example phasmophobia- has ‘ P- has-mo-phobia.’ The spellings of Lord Mountbatten may seem an uphill task to many. Such names and terms make social studies class environment very burdensome. However it can also be viewed as ‘Mount-bat-ten’. Also if one takes it like an imperative statement then one has to remember the command given ‘to mount ten bat on the hill top (not bats)’. Perpetrator cannot perpetrate if ‘per-pet-rat-or”. I believe the problem getsresolved and the mission gets accomplished.

Some words need little variation like the spellings of barrister like single ‘r ‘ or double ‘ r’ disturb the learner. However if it is done this way ‘bar-rister’ (n

ot sister) It becomes permanent in memory.

Spellings do not have any power to create fear among the learners. It is one’s own perception and wrong technique that empowers spelling giant. Correct spellings promote festivity and celebration. For example the word attendance can make one dance. Let’s begin counting to ten and ‘at-ten-dance ’. (hand made picture where a child is trying to reach to a kitten stuck on a tree)

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